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You Must Post On the forums asking for a lobby and sign up. the psn name's, GlitchBr0s_, or  TheUnDeadModder . They host lobbies for free. Please Be active and post on forms for a chance to get in to are free modded lobbyand please post and update us with new mod menus or mods in general. THANKS!!!!

Welcome we are a friendly clan that offer many things except our rep on the PS3. Please Sign up and Sub to for an invite to a modded lobby, Also ask GlitchBr0sHD for lobbies. Please fell free to sign up and post on the forums if you need help or want to post if you are having a lobby.

Website Admins

1.)GlitchBr0sHD Owner

2.) TheUnDeadModder/Callum-jai storrie - Co-Owner



welcome to my website

welcome to the United Kingdom United State's modders website go straight to the forums for Modded Lobbie's for waw and mw2


What Do We Mod On


on COD4
On MW2
On MW3
On Black Ops 

Black ops 2 !